Mr. JP declared a wikispace competition at lunchtime today - B205 vs. B209!
Which one is better? B205! OF COURSE!
If you can think of why B205's Wikispace is better, write it down here!
  1. We have special animated pictures.
  2. We always have a religious song of the day from YouTube!
  3. Our skills are better than the B209's.
  4. The B209's are just working in their minds, but we, B205, are working for out hearts!
  5. We also regard fun very important.
  6. We made the rules
  7. We have fun links which allows people to relax during work
  8. We have already loads of points that we are better than them!
  9. B209 is good, but B205 is even better! We are better at both the front and the background!
  10. We have the better men of ideas!
  11. We do not attack each other!
  12. we work harder
  13. we are more confident
  14. we have more experience
  15. we work harder
  16. we know more info
  17. we have Mr Justin!
  18. B209 sucks!
  19. we don't have Mr Jeff!
  20. Mr Peace (B209) don't tack care of his people, but Mr Christensen (B205) do!
  21. we have improve our space!
  22. we do not act like child, because we are....
  23. we always update true ideas!

Things that the B209's need to improve at:
1. be nice to EVERYONE in B205(not Jin Yun)
2. don't type wrong dates in the space!
3. change creative pieces to pupose and audience pieces.