The Breadwinner

From Megan:
We just finished this book today. It's about the Talibans taking over Afghanistan (or Ah-Fu-Hahn), and women are not allowed to go out without a man. One of the conflicts of this book is the main character Parvana's father is taken into prison, so Parvana has to pretend to be a boy to sell things in the marketplace to make money.

From Emily:
The other conflict of the book is Parvana trying to support the family being a boy while avoiding being found out by the Talibans. They also face a conflict from protecting them selves from the war and social conflicts. There is also an interesting link between Parvana and her sister Nooria as they are talking. They do not get along well which causes conflict and even further conflict in Parvana when her sister marries later in the book.

From Nickie:
Talibans and Afghanistan, men and women.....

From :
This story talks about how bad the woman and girls are treated when taliban was inside. This story is compiled by true events that happened and put together, the names and characters are changed and the author made up her own story. This book is almost like OSAMA, its a movie about a girl who goes through a lot of hardships, changes into a boy and at last is sold of to a very old guy. That's the end of her life, the old guy who took her locked her in a room and never would she be able to see her family and friends again. I think this book really made me think of how lucky I am. Life is really very hard outside in the world.