This place is where you put words you think other people don't know!!!

noun(n) verb(v) adjective(adj) preposition(prep) adverb(adv) pronoun(pro) conjunction(conj) interjection(interj) slang(sla)

Aerogel: (n) a nanofoam that feels like Styrofoam and looks like a blue hologram and it is the lightest material in the world
Albino: (n) a white type of a species of animal
Alloy: (n) a mixture of metals or sth containing metal
ALVIN DSV-2: (n) one of the best submarines and the luckiest submarine in the world
Atom: (n) the smallest particle of a pure element made of electrons, protons and neurons
Betta: (n) Siamese Fighting Fishes
Bouncer: (n) someone who ensures safety and law in public places eg. in a pub
Buckministerfullerene: (n) a type of carbon molecule almost as hard as diamond
Cannibal: (n) a person who eats other people, particularly their enemies
Chisel: (n) A chisel is a tool that has a long metal blade with a fairly sharp edge at the end. It is used for cutting and shaping wood or
Chlorofluorocarbons: (n) full for CFCs, a chemical which is the main cause of the hole in the ozone layer
Contagious: (adj) extremely easy to spread to others
DSV: (n) full for Deep Submergence Veichle, a type of deep-sea submarines
Electron: (n) a particle in an atom that is negatively charged
Leprosy: (n) an illness in which the skin literally rots (people now call Leprosy "Hansen's disease")
Leper: (n) a person contaminated with leprosy, a person who is not welcomed
Proximity: (adj) close to sth *do not use "close proximity" as proximity already means close to sth already!!!
Machete: (n) a long and broad backsword without a scabbard that is designed to cut away vegetation in forests
Katana: (n) a kind of Japanese backsword with an extremely sharp edge used for battles by samurai
Philanthropist (n): One who gives money or help willingly to those in need of it
Quince: (n) A quince is a hard yellow fruit that looks like a large pear. Quinces are used for making jelly or marmalade
Marjoram: (n) a kind of herb
hoover: (n) a machine you use to clean a carpet
Emigrate: (v) to leave your own country in order to go and live another country
Laurel: (n) a small tree with shiny leaves that do not fall in winter
Quiver: (n) a case of holding or carrying arrows
Elephantine: (adj) like an elephant
Mamba: (n) one of the few species of extremely venomous snakes
Ozone: (n) the chemical symbol O3, the gas in the atmosphere that protects us from the sun's ultraviolet rays
Ultraviolet: (n) full for UV, a kind of light beyond the visible spectrum of light with a wavelength shorter than those of violet light
Infrared: (n) full for IR, a kind of light beyond the visible spectrum of light but with a wavelength longer than those of red light, the exact opposite of UV light
Spectrum: (n) a scale of light that looks like the light scattered by a prism
Wavelength: (n) the breadth of light or sound as they never go straight
Feline: (adj) like a cat
Tycoon: (n) a very rich guy
Oxymoron: (n) a phrase of words meaning nonsense e.g. albino blacksheep
Unorthodox: (adj) not in line with rules or tradition
Pseudonym: (n) a phrase of words that sounds like an english term as an effective mnemonic e.g. "Dr. C. Niall. Demencha" for "senile dementia" (Artemis Fowl: The Lost Colony)
Mnemonic: (n) a way of memorizing english terms of vocabularies e.g. process cues
Proton: (n) a particle in an atom that is positively charged
Neuron: (n) a particle in an atom that is not charged
Quark: (n) a particle in a proton
Element: (n) a type of atom
Molecule: (n) a group of atoms
Midge: (n) a close relative of the mosquito that rarely bites, but with a painful bite
Tranquilizer: (n) a chemical when in the bloodstream of a warm-blooded animal will render the animal unconscious
Grotesque:(adj) very ugly or nasty
Pulverize:(v) to reduce something to a fine powder or dust through crushing/to defeat someone or destroy something completely, triturate
Reminisce: (v) to talk or write with enjoyment about the past
Transcendental: (adj) going beyond human knowledge, thought, belief, and experience
Unimpeachable: (adj) shoudn't be doubted
Wanderlust: (n) a strong desire to travel to places which are far away
Ignoble: (adj) not noble, not elegant, not royal
Fatuous: (adj) not feasible, silly, foolish, unreal
Inane: (adj) silly, lacking sense
Meritorious: (adj) deserving praise, reward, esteem, praiseworthy
Prehensile: (adj) able to grip things tightly enough to support a heavy weight
Pea-shooter (sla) gun with weak firepower
Flatulence: (n) ability to pass gas
Xenial: (adj) friendly to even strangers
Triturate: (v) pulverize through crushing
Shuriken: (n) ninja star
Meme: (n) a self-spreading unit of cultural evolution *note that "meme" is pronounced as "mim" rather than "mimi"