Log for Jan 8
We had a hard time having to go and sit with the opposite gender. Then we voted that we should do a skit. And then class ended and then we all went home and forgot about it.
Log for Jan 9
Mr. C suggested a debate since we were always arguing. We decided to do the topic: who was right about the revolution? The Americans or the British? It was finally decided that the girls would root for the Americans and the boys would root for the British. We seperated into two teams and were very secretive in planning.
Log for Jan 10
Today we continued to prepare for our debate. Tommy and JM claimed that they had written "half a page already!" and the girls were looking at some very creative video that related to the America Revolution.
Two words: BOYS SUCK.
(And so does your face.)
Log for Jan 11
Today we we exchanged our debate arguments. Nickie was declared leader of the group and she had to communicate with the opposite gender. We decided (via. Nickie) that for the debate there was to be NO WINNER OR LOSER. Then Nickie and the audience will summarize the debate in the end. I REPEAT, THERE IS NO WINNER OR LOSER.
Megan also created The Book of "Random".

I think Emily would do better than Nickie in communicating with the boys. But the problem is, JM is jealous of Emily, so he would not co-operate with her!! ^^ (To the boys:"YOU SHOULD NOT DO THIS TO HER!)