Our group is doing The French Revolution, and here is sorta a schedule of how we finish it day by day.
9th Jan, 2008
We decided that we are going start off with a story, a tale of two cities which is a novel on the French Revolution period......we are still trying to figure out what we should do after that, but we had made ourself clear with what information is needed and who will be doing what.
Elaine will find out more about A Tale of Two Cities
Clarice will be looking at The Fall of Bastille
Nila will be doing reserch on Reign of Terror
Yammy will be finding songs at that time period as the background music, also doing reserch on King Louis XIV

We are going share the information on 10th Jan, 2008, just to make sure everyone in the group knows what we are talking about.
There are some more things that we think we should look at, we will start doing reserch on 10th Jan, 2008
  1. Cause of the revolution
  2. Maximellen
  3. National Assembly
  4. Declaration of Men

10th Jan, 2008
We shared among ourselves what we have done, from the sharing we learned some new informations.

1. The reason why the people went to Bastille and free the prisoners
2. new causes of the revolution
3. what sort of enlightenment thoughts that influenced the mind of maximellen and the poeple against king louis XVI

and this is the list of what we have to do tonight:

Elaine - More details on the cause of the revolution
Clarice - Declaration of Rights' of Men
Yammy - Also lookign at the Declaration of the Rights' of Men and the National Assembly
Nila - Maximellen

One more thing about today is that we finally figured out how we are going to present our presentation.
We are gonna make a mind map and with it we will tell more details about the French Revolution.

11th Jan, 2008
We shared some more information and yammy brought another resource, a book to help us with the project.
All of us like the idea of making a mind map, and all of us agreed that it is simple and understandable but boring and we couldn't really interact with the audiences,
so today we added some more creativity to the presentation.
We are going to post to mind map on the board, but for each categories, we are gonna cover it with a ballon, we are gonna let the audiences to throw a dart like thingy, then we will start off wtever balloon he/she broke.

here is the rundown

France - the basic info of how the government works - the royal family rules, 3 estates, general esates

//**The National Assembly - tennis court oath, the declaration of men's right
King Louis
  • the part where the audiences get the throw the darts**//

A video on the French Revolution
A conclusion on the causes of the revolution

how has enlightenment influence the revolution